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Arborist Services

Arborist Service

Healthy, well-maintained trees are an essential part of property ownership.

Not only do they contribute to your curb appeal, strong, beautiful trees can add substantially to your property value. Poorly maintained or dying trees can become a liability for your property in terms of its value and safety. Poorly maintained trees can pose a hazard to your family and property. Dying or diseased trees can be vulnerable to falling from strong winds. If an unhealthy tree on your property ever falls, even due to a storm, and results in injuries or damages to a neighboring property the responsibility falls on you in the state of Georgia. A well-maintained tree by an expert arborist can fare better against a storm and keep you from facing the possibility of costly lawsuits. Arborists are highly skilled professionals trained in the art and science of planting, caring for, and maintaining trees to keep them healthy and thriving. 

Benefits of Service

Benefits of Hiring an Arborist Service

When you hire an arborist, you hire a true tree expert. While some lawn and property maintenance tasks can adequately be handled by your landscaper, an arborist is a specialist in the health and well-being of the largest plants you own – your trees. A trained arborist will be able to guide you and perform various services to ensure that your trees are in their very best condition. These tree surgeons are skilled in resolving a variety of different tree ailments, often successfully able to bring ill trees back to good health. This helps reduce costly tree removal and keeps your favorite trees contributing to the health and beauty of your property. Arborists provide a host of comprehensive services, which become a valuable investment for you as a homeowner.

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Hiring an arborist through Tree Time gives you access to the services of seasoned professionals.

They have both the training and experience of working with trees in your area to keep them fit, healthy, and thriving. Our arborists are continually expanding their knowledge of trees in order to provide you with best-in-the-business care. At Tree Time, we understand that caring for trees or buying a property with trees is a significant investment for you. Tree Time helps you make the most of your investment in trees through a variety of services tailored to suit your needs. Everything from essential maintenance to emergency tree care, our expert tree surgeons can perform these services on short notice.

We pride ourselves on our quick response time, excellent customer service and satisfaction guarantee.

What our Arborist Service Can Do for You

The expert arborists on the Tree Time team provide a wide variety of services to maintain or improve the overall health, safety, and appearance of the trees on your property, including:


Improper pruning can damage or even kill otherwise healthy trees. An expert tree surgeon knows how and when to prune trees to help them grow healthier, stronger, and better. Pruning eliminates dead, diseased, or weaker limbs on a tree that may compromise its overall health. Proper pruning can help damaged trees recover and encourage younger trees to develop into stronger trees.

Emergency Tree Services

Trees are hardy, but they are not impervious to damage. Severe storms and extreme weather conditions can harm tree limbs or cause the loss of the entire tree. Trees or limbs that fall are extremely heavy and dangerous to remove. Our arborist services cater to a host of emergency tree services to help reduce the risk of damage to people or property.


A healthy tree in the wrong location can quickly become ill and turn into eyesore. If you are planning to plant trees, our arborist services also include comprehensive consultations to help homeowners choose the right trees for the right place. We also ensure that those trees are planted correctly to limit future problems that can affect the long-term growth of your trees or damage your property.


Sometimes removing trees is necessary. While we do everything possible to save desirable trees, tree removal may ultimately be the best solution. Our tree surgeons are qualified to conduct an assessment to provide you with options for mitigating risk involved with your trees. If removal is necessary, we can help you remove the tree and find a viable solution to replace or relocate the tree.

Health Care

Our arborists provide maintenance and preventive care for your trees. Proper care for your trees can help them become more resilient against the forces of nature, diseases, insects, and other problems that can be stressful for trees. From performing assessments to corrective pruning, our tree surgeons ensure an ideal environment for your trees.

Other Services

Tree Time’s knowledgeable arborists also provide other services related to tree care, including:
Risk assessment
Grinding stumps to complete tree removal
Plans to protect existing trees on construction sites
Installing lightning protection systems for your trees
Adding bracing or cable support to branches to encourage healthier growth

Arborist Services

How to Hire Tree Time Arborist Services

Hiring Tree Time arborists to provide you with a comprehensive set of solutions is a simple process. Please contact us by calling

Our customer service experts will get to know more about you and your specific tree concerns.

Our experts will visit and assess your property. We create an action plan to address your concerns and provide you with a free estimate and expected service timeline. Tree Time looks forward to working with you to grow strong and healthy trees.

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