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Cutting down trees is no simple task. It is dangerous and can have serious repercussions if not carried out carefully. If you are looking for a safe, reliable and professional tree service in the greater Walton and Gwinnett County, GA area, you’ll want to speak to the experts at TreeTime. Contact us for your free estimate.

Our team follows proper safety guidelines and makes the cut only after examination of the tree and the surrounding areas to ensure minimum damage. Once the tree is cut, it is followed by the removal of branches and other debris from the site. We also recommend stump grinding services for the health and safety of your property.

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A sick tree doesn’t have to be a dying tree, and healthy trees can stay that way. Our arborists are equipped to keep your trees in the best possible condition.

Dead tree? Badly positioned tree? We get it. Sometimes tree removal is the best choice. Our experts will safely and quickly take down that problem tree at your Gwinnett County property.

Once that tree is gone, the stump should also be removed. Rotting stumps can harbor pests and become safety hazards. We’ll grind it out and leave the area clean and smooth.

Georgia storms can create havoc on our landscapes. Gwinnett County residents can call TreeTime for emergency service and cleanup when every moment counts.

A tidy yard is a mood booster. Whether you’re throwing a party, selling or renting your home, or just want to upgrade your Gwinnett County curb appeal, TreeTime will lighten your workload with yard cleanup.

Pruning trees and bushes is a hassle. It can also be dangerous, especially when powerlines are close by. Let TreeTime trim those trees with precision and perfect timing.

Tree removal, stump grinding, brush removal, and light grading are just a few of the land clearing services we provide. Get your Gwinnett County land ready for your new building project with TreeTime.

Got mulch? If not, TreeTime does. Mulch is a great way to improve your landscape and nourish your soil. Contact us today to schedule a time to pick up free mulch!

Nip Your Worries in The Bud with TreeTime Services

If you’re not sure about the health of a tree close to your home, contact the arborists at TreeTime. Delaying taking action can cause expensive damage to your property and potentially even the safety of your family. Act smart. Act today.

Give us a call for a free estimate at 678-218-8349.

Your Trusted Partner for Tree Services

Contrary to what YouTube or TikTok tells you, cutting down a tree should not be treated as a DIY project. The process is dangerous and can cause serious harm to the non-professional. Only a trained expert should handle any type of tree service – whether it is cutting a fully grown tree, pruning the branches, or grinding the stump. We also take on the financial risk, not you – we are fully bonded and ensured.

Looking for tree services in Loganville, GA or the greater Walton and Gwinnett County area? Speak to TreeTime today to schedule an estimate and free up your time for the more productive things in life.

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24/7 Emergency Tree Services at Your Doorstep

Unfortunately, a tree about to fall doesn’t always give a warning when they’re on their way out. Forces of nature can speed up the process, but there are occasions when a branch can break and fall unexpectedly without any external catalyst.

When time is of the essence, TreeTime’s emergency services will swiftly come in and help you manage the disaster. Our claw crane makes quick work of even the most dangerous emergencies. We how to read the situation and get you back to normal life as quickly as possible.

Call us for 24/7 emergency services at 678-218-8349

Choose TreeTime for Tree Service in Walton and Gwinnett County, GA

Vibrant foliage is a great benefit to the health and beauty of any property, but dead, diseased or poorly positioned trees are a safety hazard. A dead or dying tree that might fall with a gust of strong wind is a risk to your property and those who live there. Healthy but overgrown trees that need trimming can be too close to structures or hanging over roofs. They are also hazards, putting your valuable buildings at risk for damage.

Branches too near power lines are a serious fire risk during dry weather conditions and can damage power lines, cause short circuits and damage to electrical equipment leading to power outages. Pruning these branches is a quick and cost-effective way to manage this risk. Poorly placed wooded areas or wild growth in need of trimming can also diminish property values or cause inconvenience. Don’t wait until it becomes urgent – call TreeTime for a free service estimate.

Hiring an experienced tree cutting service is the smart choice and depending on the situation, it can be time-critical as well. Services by qualified professionals provide safe and efficient services to minimize your risk and maximize your security and convenience.


Risks Associated with Dead and Diseased Trees and Why You Should Remove them ASAP

Wooded areas add richness and abundance to their surroundings. No doubt, the benefits of a tree far outweigh any associated risks. However, a dead or a diseased tree is a disaster waiting to happen. They are not only devoid of lush appeal but also have little or no structural integrity. Imagine a tree with its roots shriveled up and hollow from the inside. They are essentially a skeleton of their former selves. While they may look sturdy from the outside, their core tells a different story. Some diseased trees don’t give easy to read signs of their state and may even continue to sprout leaves. Only specialized service from arborists can tell for sure.

Are you looking for an expert in tree removal service in Walton or Gwinnett County, GA? Get in touch with our team of professionals at TreeTime based in Loganville, GA. We’ve got you covered.

Dead or diseased trees pose several health hazards when not dealt with swiftly. A gust of wind or a heavy shower can break the branches or cause the whole thing to fall. This uncontrolled fall can lead to damage to property, or even worse, a person or family pet. A diseased tree infecting a healthy tree is also a common occurrence, but one that can be easily avoided with proper care from an arborist, which may include removing diseased woods, regular trimming services, or stump grinding.

A report by OSHA states that, on average, there are over 100 landscape and tree fall fatalities every year in America. The loss of life is a huge liability and in some cases in the past, wrongful death lawsuits have been filed against the property owners. Read below for more on other risks associated with dead and diseased wooded areas.

Pest Infestations and Effect on Healthy Trees

Inside a diseased tree or dead stump, there is an enthusiastic colony of termites or other pests setting up shop. Some of these microscopic creatures cannot even be spotted by the naked eye. You could be right under the tree and be unaware of the activity going inside. These pesky creatures are not ones to rest. Once they’ve taken over the core of the diseased tree, they start to multiply and move on to surrounding vegetation.

Within a few weeks and months, you can go from having one diseased tree to having multiple dying and infested trees. What is even worse is when this infestation spreads to your home and other properties. When the infestation is close to your home or a shed, the termites can easily move from a dying piece of wood or a left-behind stump to a healthy piece of wood. If this goes undetected, imagine the damage it can cause! When you neglect tree services, you invariably open yourself up to higher costs and repairs in the future. If you see early signs of a dying tree, act fast and bring in a removal team or check with our arborists to see if it can be saved.

If you are a resident of Walton or Gwinnett County, GA use TreeTime’s tree service and protect your property from damage and loss.
Contact us today for a free estimate!

Damage to Power Lines

It doesn’t take much to break a dead tree. Forces of nature can wither away branches or even bring the whole tree down. Time, too, can play a significant role. Sometimes you can have a perfectly still day and yet experience a tree accident. Without expert tree service intervention, there is no way to predict when a tree will collapse. A falling branch or tree can damage power lines, causing inconvenience not only you, but also your neighbors. A few hours of discomfort might not be a big issue, but it can quickly become an emergency if a fire breaks out or the functioning of medical equipment becomes affected. In some cases, branches growing near power lines can cause an electrical hazard to anyone in contact with the tree at the ground level. Therefore, it is also advisable to regularly be pruning branches if you have growth near power lines.

Damage to Property and Life

The most obvious risk associated with damaged trees is the inevitability of them breaking and falling. Whether expected or unexpected, such accidents can cause severe damage to property or life. In the instance of damage to life or property, hefty repair bills and compensation for financial or emotional loss will be your responsibility. Fortunately, in most cases, you can avoid these situations with pro services. (Be sure to read your insurance policy to find out what your liability could be if you take on the project yourself.)

In less extreme cases, a broken branch or a fallen tree can cause inconvenience to others. It can result in blocking a roadway, which would stall traffic until a team comes in to clear the tree. Removal of a dead tree might seem like an optional expense right now, but the service will cost a lot more when it becomes urgent.

Take action today and save yourself added expense and hassle tomorrow. If you live in and around Loganville, GA, reach out to TreeTime’s team of tree service experts and arborists to schedule a free estimate.


Can a Healthy Tree Damage Your Property?

Sadly, a tree may not need to be dead or diseased to warrant removal. A majestic healthy tree in the front yard that has been around for decades can cause serious damage to your property. It happens when the roots of an existing tree grow under the foundation of your home. The roots of a tree are extremely powerful. They constantly extend themselves in search of water and nutrients. While the roots themselves are not responsible for the damage, they compromise soil integrity and contribute to concrete settling that cause damage.

In urban settings, which have less greenery, tree roots can retreat deeper underground in search of water. When this happens, they may come in contact with your pipes. Pipes that already have external damage due to wear and tear are at greater risk from these roots. Tree roots can hinder the water flow and in extreme cases, can even break water pipes.

It helps to learn to read the signs of root invasion. Watch for cracks in the floor, uneven windows and doors, unexplained cracked windows and changes in the orientation of the floor’s surface. You’ll know you need to take action quickly. Once the problem tree has been handled, don’t forget to complete the process with stump grinding to avoid pest infestations.

Stop root-related damage before it starts. Contact TreeTime today and sleep easy.

Fast, Safe, and Reliable Emergency Tree Service in Loganville, GA

Disaster usually doesn’t come with a warning. You can be well-prepared and regularly monitor the health of your wooded areas, but an unexpected storm can still bring down a branch or an entire tree. If you live in the Walton and Gwinnett County area, TreeTime’s service team is quick to arrive at the scene to take action. Our crane makes swift work of otherwise serious storm damage. The aim is to minimize any further damage and to quickly carry out the removal of the fallen debris. We understand the importance of your time and resources. Our team works fast and efficiently and ensures no further inconvenience is caused to you or your neighbors.

For TreeTime’s emergency services, give us a call at 678-218-8349. You will speak to trained professionals who will ask the right questions and respond quickly.

Why Hire TreeTime for Removing Trees and Trimming Branches?

Removal of broken branches and trees is not a task that should be pushed to the back burner, especially if you are aware of dead or diseased trees in your vicinity. It definitely cannot be ignored if you have had an accident and need a fast and reliable service to clear the site.

Hiring TreeTime for tree service gives you access to seasoned tree care professionals who have been operating in the industry for years. TreeTime carefully vets its team members and provides ample training so they can perform safe, efficient and professional tree cutting work. We are bonded and insured so that we are taking on the risk of the work, not you.

At TreeTime, transparency, honesty, and integrity and dedicated customer service are our core beliefs. We take pride in our high standards when it comes to tree service. While it is always a priority for us to maintain the good health of trees, we understand that it is sometimes necessary to remove trees. When you are ready to remove your problem trees, we value your time and convenience. This is why our tree removal services are tailor-made to suit your schedule and needs to save you time.

Reach out to the experts at TreeTime for a free estimate on all the tree services you need.

What our Tree Service Can Do for You

Tree cutting is a task that requires a number of important steps that ensure that the job is completed safely and properly. You need the right equipment and experienced pros for the task. It isn’t as easy as YouTube videos might make it look. In fact, untrained trimming and cutting of trees can be extremely dangerous to you, those around you, and your property. Read below to find out what you can expect when you hire TreeTime’s professional tree service.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Tree Removal and Pruning Services Company

Read below for some of the main reasons why tree services are best left to the experts.

Do-It-Yourself Can Go Wrong

Cutting and removing trees might seem like an opportunity for a do-it-yourself job, but it poses significant risks for yourself, your family and your property if you do not have expert training and experience. If you find tree services to be costly, a tree cutting gone wrong can be devastating to life and property. Even pruning larger branches can pose a risk, and eliminating the stump requires rental of heavy equipment and a skillful operator. There are benefits that come with choosing professional tree cutting and trimming services that you won’t get by taking on the project by yourself. The job gets done on time, done right, and you don’t take on the financial risk of accidents.

Services Performed by Experienced Professionals

An expert in tree removal services will provide you with a highly skilled team that goes through extensive training to take on this often dangerous task. They have the right equipment for pruning branches to make the tree lighter before taking it down, reducing the risk of damage or injuries to people, other trees or structures in their vicinity. They are trained to handle any unforeseen situations and are well-versed with the rules and regulations for taking down and disposing of trees.

Planned Approach

An expert tree service company proficient in removal of trees takes care of the entire process, from planning the drop path to pruning the tree to clearing the entire space after the job is done. They do not leave behind any debris, branches, or brush and handle properly disposing of the waste. They ensure that the entire process is completed with minimum inconvenience within a few hours, depending on the extent of the services. Be sure to read the fine print – if they don’t commit to doing all these tasks, you’ll want to find a different tree service company.

Save Time and Money

Due to their expertise, tree cutting services can save you time and money. When experienced service professionals complete the job and avoid damage to your property, it is inexpensive compared to the risk of accidents and damage done when unqualified individuals try to do the work. It is a labor-intensive and skillful process to remove trees the right way. Hiring a professional service will give you access to veteran tree cutters that instantly recognize the safest and fastest approach to taking down a tree, giving you confidence and peace of mind.


The Ease of Hiring TreeTime’s Pro Service

The process of hiring TreeTime for tree removal service, pruning or stump grinding is simple and straightforward. We proudly serve the Walton and Gwinnet County, GA areas from our Loganville, GA location. You can get in touch with us via email at or call us at 678-218-8349. Our customer service team will contact you to review the details of your tree or branch removal needs.

After the discussion, we send out a team to examine the site, determine the best solution, and present you with an estimate for our removal services along with the projected time for completion. When you are ready, our expert team will complete the services at a time convenient for you.

The benefits of hiring an experienced tree service company far outweigh the costs. Don’t gamble with your valuable property. Stay smart and stay safe! Invest in TreeTime’s tree service for the safe removal of dead, diseased or ill-positioned trees from your property. Contact us for your free estimate today!

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