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Free Mulch Service

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Free Mulch Service

Free Mulch Service

If you’ve been searching for where to find free mulch, you have come to the right place.

When Tree Time removes trees, brush and other yard waste, we recycle that organic material into mulch. Primarily consisting of wood chip mulch, this mulch is useful for a wide range of purposes. During the course of our business we produce more mulch than our customers need, so we pass the mulch on to the greater community free of charge.

Benefits of Service

Benefits of Using Mulch

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Mulching has many benefits. In addition to the attractive, natural element wood chip mulch brings to outdoor spaces, it has functional and health benefits for your landscape as well. Mulched areas have greater moisture retention, fewer weeds and cooler soil temperatures. These are beneficial conditions for your plants and trees, helping them grow faster and stronger. Mulching also reduces incidents of insect and disease infestations.

Wood chip mulch is a healthy, natural mulch that actually feeds the soil. Left on its own, nature’s carbon-rich materials like wood chips and fallen leaves break down and enrich the quality of the soil. As it decomposes, it returns nutrients to the soil which in turn feeds the new tree and plant growth. When organic debris is removed, the opportunity for those materials to break down and return to the soil is also disrupted. Using wood chip mulch is an easy and natural way to restart that process.

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Why Free Mulch from Tree Time?

Whether you are looking for landscaping mulch, playground mulch or compost mulch, Tree Time is where to find free mulch.

At Tree Time our mulch is fresh, local and free.

Why pay a big chain store when you can get quality local mulch at no charge? Tree Time wants to continue to cultivate our positive and helpful relationship with the community, and this is one the ways we are happy to serve.

The Many Ways to Use Free Mulch from Tree Time

Mulch from Tree Time can be used in a variety of ways including:

Landscaping Mulch

One of the most popular ways to use mulch is as landscaping mulch. Surrounding your trees and plants, landscaping mulch adds a finished, natural look to your design. It also looks great as ground cover for paths and trails. Landscaping mulch reduces weed growth, saving you time and energy. Now you can refresh that look and maintain a weed-free design more often with free mulch from Tree Time.

Playground Mulch

Playgrounds need ground cover to offer a softer landing for active kids. Playground mulch helps schools, churches, communities and individuals achieve that goal. It also helps prevent weed growth. Using wood chip mulch as playground mulch is an easy way to make the area attractive and safer while reducing maintenance costs.

Compost Mulch

Does your compost pile need brown matter? Free mulch from Tree Time is a great way to add that carbon rich material to your compost pile to balance your nitrogen-rich green material. Dry leaves, wood chips and sawdust are all components of our wood chip mulch, the perfect materials for composting. Let us help you feed your compost pile with compost mulch.

How to Get Free Mulch from Tree Time

Obtaining free mulch from Tree Time is easy. Please contact us by phone or email.

We can deliver mulch directly to your location if we’re working in your area. Contact us by clicking the button below to check availability.

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