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Land Clearing Service

land clearing

Land Clearing Service

Land Clearing Service

The purpose of land clearing is to remove trees, brush and vegetation from a lot to provide a clean landscape for development or other uses.

Land clearing or lot clearing is frequently performed prior to construction of a new building but also is useful for making way for fence or pipeline installation, pasture reclamation, right-of-way maintenance, forest thinning, trail and road clearing and more.

Lot clearing is also important for environmental and conservation purposes. Lot clearing services are used in the creation and preservation of habitats and wetlands and are utilized to control invasive species. Selective tree clearing service can be employed to remove some trees and preserve others in order to maintain a level of natural beauty while also creating space for development.

Benefits of Service

Benefits of Hiring Land Clearing Companies

Land clearing with machine

Staring down a huge lot covered with overgrown trees, out of control vines, dead or fallen trees and an ocean of tall weeds can seem like an insurmountable task. However, many tools, equipment and techniques have been created to make the job faster and easier than ever. With your lot cleared, you can safely proceed with your project in a timely fashion.

land clearing

There may be some cases in which a lot is only marginally overgrown and can be cleared with a brush cutter. However, for any sizeable job hiring a professional land clearing service or tree clearing service is essential. Land clearing companies have the heavy-duty tools and machinery necessary to cut through deep brush, young trees and to cut and remove larger trees, both standing and fallen. Many lot clearing jobs are simply not possible to complete without the right equipment.

Many land clearing jobs can quickly become dangerous. Bringing down trees safely and efficiently is a skill with which land clearing contractors are very proficient. Businesses specializing in lot clearing services have the knowledge and expertise to complete the job safely. They take the risk so you don’t have to.

Trying to do these jobs on your own would take significantly longer than it would take professional land clearing contractors. To keep your project on time, completing your lot clearing in short order saves on time and frustration. Lot clearing services and tree clearing services will keep you running on schedule.

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Tree Time Tree Service

has the experience and equipment your job needs.

When researching land clearing contractors, you want to ensure they are capable of completing the job, and doing it right the first time. Tree Time has been in the industry for years, successfully completing both large and small lot clearing projects.

All of our team members are thoroughly trained and certified. Our company is bonded and insured, taking on complete liability and responsibility for the quality and safety of our work. We also back up our service with a satisfaction guarantee, which demonstrates our commitment to your complete satisfaction. When you hire Tree Time, you hire a trusted industry leader.

What our Land Clearing Service Can Do for You

The experienced professionals on the Tree Time land clearing services team provide a full range of services including:

Logging and Tree Clearing

Our lot clearing professionals are capable of removing any size or number of trees. We will also remove dead, dying or fallen trees and larger saplings.

Stump Removal and Grinding

Tree Time offers complete and thorough stump removal and grinding . This is an important step for the safety of the site as well as preparing the ground for any upcoming development projects.

Brush Removal

Thick, tangled weeds and vines can house all manner of rodents, snakes and other pests. Our lot clearing service makes quick work of chopping and removing the brush and thick vegetation. This removes the health hazard and the physical obstacles allowing your development plan to proceed smoothly.

Light Grading

Uneven patches of land may need to be graded to even out the elevation of the lot. Light grading offers a smoother, more uniform finished product.


Mulch resulting from the tree removal and stump grinding can be spread over the entire site to avoid new growth of vegetation on the freshly cleared lot prior to development. It can also be strategically placed in accordance with your needs or completely removed from the lot.

Waste Removal

Tree Time will ensure the lot clearing is finished properly by hauling away any remaining debris, unneeded mulch, trash or logs. We will leave your lot clean and clear, ready for your project.

land cleared in preparation for building

How to Hire Tree Time as your Land Clearing Contractor

Hiring Tree Time lot clearing services is a simple and stress-free process. Please contact us by phone or email.

Our customer care experts will learn more about you and review the details of your project.

Our land clearing service team will visit and assess your property. After getting a thorough understanding of the extent of the clearing required, we will provide you with a free estimate and expected service timeline. Tree Time can be trusted to help you move forward with your project on time and on target.

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